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The Perfect Perch Rig

The perfect perch rig 2.0

As titled we are talking about perch rigging and what may be the ultimate perch catching rig. This is a subject I take very seriously as it’s the foundation for client success. I’ve spent a ton of time talking rigging with fellow anglers that have been chasing perch decades longer than I. So what makes a perfect rig you might ask? Well I firmly believe it consists of three basic formulas. Effectiveness, simplicity to tie and strength. Now don’t get me wrong there are some phenomenal perch rigs a guy can buy right off of the local store shelf. Take in example the infamous Perch Pounder and so overwhelming at the same time. How do I know if they want white, green, brown or yellow wings. What about the flash? Oh wait different size hooks?! So very confusing and so many options all at one time. So how do you decide which one is the one? Especially when you are a busy person and might only hit the water a few times a year. What if you show up to the spot and the guys three boats over are hammering the fish on a rig with green wings and you only have the white wing version. Perch fishing doesn’t have to be frustrating. In fact let’s just use the KISS method. Keep It Super Simple! When I’m sitting down to a steak dinner I’m the kind of guy that doesn't want the fancy toppings on my steak. No sir waiter I do not need the onions, mushrooms or fancy sauce of the week. Just give me the protein. And you know what this is exactly how the fish feel! They are there to eat! So give them the protein on a extra sharp hook! And while you're at it let’s make it a double or heck why not a triple. Triples happen! Just to clear the air I haven’t ordered triple steaks at a restaurant before.

So let’s dive into the Captain Bob Hinds perch rig shall we. Remember we are keeping this simple and feeding our yellow bellied friends protein. This should be fun to tie and a learning experience. I’ve spent hundreds of hours dialing in this rig and clients have caught well over 10,000 perch using this exact rig.

Ingredient number one is strength. Having a durable perch rig is a must. Nothing is more painful than lifting into a jumbo perch only to think you’ve pulled out and getting to surface and not having your rig attached or at worse reaching over to lift a pair of double 14 inchers and the bottom fish breaking your rig in half and swimming off. The fish we want to be targeting are hungry fish that are putting on the feed. For my chartering needs it’s a no brainer. Fluorocarbon 10 pound is more than enough to eliminate breaks and can stand a season of abuse. Your hooks will dull and wear out before the 10 pound leader will break. High quality fluorocarbon is a must though. I am a avid user of Sunline products. The FC Sniper is my preferred option. If you feel the need to scale down 8 pound will suffice but be prepared to break off on occasion or be ready to lean over into the water to lift up those big doubles.

Ingredient number two is effectiveness. What makes a perch rig effective. Well it’s actually quite simple. Are you catching fish or not? As we spoke about in the introduction to our blog this is a simple rig. No flash, no plastics attached, no fancy custom ties flies or items to tangle around itself. Simple #6 or #8 gold VMC 9146 Aberdeen hooks and a VMC duolock snap to connect your sinker is more than plenty. This is a 100% natural presentation. Whether you are presenting with wigglers, minnows, eyeballs, shrimp or wax worms the hooks alone will be the only visible item to the fish.

Ingredient number three will be simplicity to tie. If you are a fisherman you out to be able to tie a decent improved clinch knot. This knot will serve as your connection to your hooks. Other knots include the palomar and uni knots. Palomar knot for the duolock snap (connects your sinker) and uni knots for your droppers. Here is the curve ball and what I feel makes or breaks a perch rig. I am a absolute believer in a mud hook. If you are unfamiliar with the mud hook it simply dangles below your sinker and lays in the mud. Perch will be quick to snatch the easy meal off the bottom of the lake and you likely won’t feel that bite. Unless they are absolutely chowing their food that particular day. But on a day the waves are bouncing it can be the difference in a few extra fish. Now this is a person choice but some folks prefer a small bead above each hook. If you are wanting a something little extra I am a fan of the Owner glow beads size #4. Totally optional and does not make a difference in the bite in my professional opinion. Please visit this video for a step by step tutorial of the proper tying of the perch rig I use on my charters and personal use.


Whenever using fluorocarbon remember to wet the knot prior to drawing the knot down tight.

Use high quality fluorocarbon.

Use quality hooks and terminal tackle.

Use 8-10 pound braid for main line.

A rod 6’-6’6” with light power and fast action helps detect the softest of strikes. Huge fan of the St. Croix Panfish series.

Use a double uni to connect main line to the perch rig.

With any luck this will help you get on a few more perch next time you hit the water or burn up some winter time blues. If you have any questions I am always happy to help. Feel free to reach out via text (231)709-0990 or on any of our social media accounts.

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Well said Bob. I appreciate you sharing your great knowledge and insight.


Stephen Ezell
Stephen Ezell



Show me one other professional fisherman that will share 100's of hours of validation with the general public! Captain Bob....You are the MAN!

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