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Charter Fishing Destinations 


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Central Coast Angling as we dive into the captivating realm of salmon fishing across Michigan's premier destinations such as Frankfort, Leland, the Manitou Islands, Grand Traverse Bay, and as far as Saginaw Bay to the Detroit River. Our charter services offer flexible trips, allowing us to navigate between these renowned locations and provide an exclusive fishing experience throughout the summer months. The allure of salmon fishing in these iconic spots is undeniable. Each destination exudes its own unique charm, from the quaint harbors of Frankfort to the tranquil shores of Leland, and the rugged beauty of the Manitou Islands to the expansive waters of Grand Traverse Bay. Anglers are treated to a tapestry of landscapes, promising unforgettable moments amidst stunning natural beauty. One of the distinct advantages of our charter services is the ability to adapt to the seasonal nuances of salmon fishing. June and July usher in the excitement of early season action, offering anglers the opportunity to kick off their summer with thrilling catches. As the summer progresses into August and September, the waters come alive with the promise of trophy-sized fish, presenting the best chance to reel in impressive catches that will be the envy of fellow anglers. We ensure a seamless and unforgettable fishing experience, and memorable catches. Join us as we journey through Michigan's premier fishing destinations. With Central Coast Angling, every excursion promises exceptional experiences and the opportunity to create lasting memories against the backdrop of some of the Great Lakes' most breathtaking landscapes.

Mitch Thomas 

"I own my own boat and have been fishing my entire life. My friend invited me with him on a perch fishing charter and it was some of the best perch fishing I've ever had. Captain Bob is dialed in on his perch program. We caught our limit of jumbos and caught four master angler 14" perch in a couple hours. Then went lake trout jigging and caught our limit of those. Such a great time! Keep up the great work Captain Bob!" 

Reed Church 

"If you want to catch fish, Capt. Bob is going to put you on them..very professional, safe and knowledgeable. Top of the line fishing equipment and has the best dog "Maude" ever!
As always, great fishing guide!"

Dean Conway 

"Robert exudes positive vibes and the love of fishing and being on the open water is something he is really passionate about. I know nothing about fishing and I trusted him as he suggested we go salmon fishing in Lake Michigan. We caught 6 king salmon and 1 steelhead. His first mate did an exceptional job of getting the rods set up, changing bate netting our fish etc. etc. they made a good team out there. I had such a blast."
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