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Traverse City Fishing Charters

Traverse City fishing charters


Fishing Grand Traverse Bay


Join us for a chance at the various species available that beautiful Grand Traverse Bay has to offer. Central Coast Angling offers many Traverse City fishing charters to help our clients catch what's in season. Casting or jigging for the numerous Lake Trout that call Grand Traverse Bay home, spring or fall time casting and jigging for Cisco and Whitefish, jumbo Perch in the spring, smallmouth bass and carp via fly gear in the early summer, trolling Chinook and Coho salmon in the late summer and early fall there is certainly something for every angler here on the waters we love! We offer premier guiding services here on GTB and fish the bays daily. If you are looking for success we are your go to source for catching!


Fishing Lake Superior


Our destination fishing trip on the big lake called "Gitche Gumee" or other wise known as Lake Superior by many offers a chance to fish the final frontier of uncharted waters in search of species such as native Lake Trout, Coho, Steelhead and Splake. In the crystal clear cool waters of Superior you just may encounter the fish of a life time. Spend a half or full day trolling the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore searching for Coho and Splake and enjoy a sight seeing tour while you reel in dinner. For the adventure of a life time we offer remote off-shore reef fishing for native Lake Trout. The Lakers that swim these waters grow extremely slowly and finding a fish of a lifetime could happen to you! We go big when we go off-shore, we will be out of sight of land most days and will spend 10 plus hours on the water searching out a GIANT Lake Trout. If complete seclusion and fish that have never witnessed a fishing lure is your idea of fun please consider this trip!  

Fishing Glen Arbor


Glen Arbor offers the quickest route to South Manitou Island, with stunning views of Sleeping Bear Dunes while you fish for salmon and lake trout. Additionally, you can play tug of war with a king in Sleeping Bear Bay, enjoying scenic views as you reel in your catch. Glen Lake, with its clear blue waters, is home to football-sized smallmouth bass and, in the Fall, jumbo perch perfect for a delicious fish fry. Explore these prime fishing spots for an unforgettable experience.


Fishing in Leland Michigan


Leland, known as "Fishtown," is a hidden gem in Michigan. While considering what to do in Fishtown, Michigan, Leland fishing might not be the first thought, but it's an experience you shouldn't miss. Aside from the excellent fishing opportunities off the coast, you can explore North and South Manitou Islands. The quickest route from Leland to North Manitou Island takes you fishing for kings and lake trout with distant views of South Fox Island. In the early summer, try casting for football-sized smallmouth bass, and you can jig for lake trout year-round. If you need a place to stay, consider Fishtown hotels like Falling Water Lodge, offering scenic views of this charming Michigan town.


Fishing Frankfurt


Frankfort, nestled on the coat of Lake Michigan, is a haven for anglers. The Betsie River is home to wild chinook salmon, making it a prime fishing spot. In Lake Michigan, trolling offers opportunities to catch coho, chinook, and steelhead. If you prefer a different style, try jigging for lake trout on the reef north of Frankfort or go after chinook in the sheltered waters of Betsie Bay harbor. Your fishing adventure awaits in Frankfort, surrounded by the beauty of Michigan's waters and coastline.

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